Citrus Agave

Citrus Agave

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Treat yourself to the perfect balance of sweet agave nectar and tart citrus notes in Citrus Agave. An invigorating blend of apple, red currants, lemon, lime, agave, cactus, water lily, oakmoss, and musk make this scent perfect for any occasion. 


Made in the United States

1.7 oz round glass jar with silver atomizer spray and silver cap 

4 ml travel size perfume mist 


-Alcohol 39C (denatured (SD) alcohol commonly used in perfumes

- DEP (diethyl phthalate, non-toxic solvent commonly used in cosmetics and fragrances)  

-Benzyl Salicylate (A common and frequently used compound found in most cosmetics. Used to extend the life of the fragrance